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Protecting the roof over your head.

Roof Cleaning Service

Roof cleaning can be a tough gig. Unlike cleaning your driveway where you might be tempted to do it yourself, roof cleaning presents several obstacles.

Firstly, working at height is dangerous and should be left to the professionals. Safety equipment is required. You'd be mortified if you knew just how many serious injuries occur each year from falls from rooves.

Secondly, it's a specialised job. Knowledge of the types of dirt, moulds, algae etc that are present along with which chemicals to use to address each are critical to getting a good outcome.

Furthermore, Without the right expertise it's all too easy to damage not just the tiles/roof materials themselves but the house below from water/chemical seepage.

Roof Cleaning is Important

Your roof is an important asset that warrants protecting. It protects you and what’s important to you from the harsh weather outside. Once a roof is compromised from prolonged dirt and debris build-up, deterioration escalates exponentially. It simply pays to keep it in good order.

Solar Panels are an Investment

When your solar panels get covered in dirt, grime, and debris they can no longer operate at their full potential, costing you money. We expertly clean these panels restoring maximum efficiency.


The size of the roof; its condition; what's present and what chemicals are needed; roof pitch and the materials used; and safety equipment required can all affect the price considerably.

While we are very competitively priced, quality is king for us, and with every job being so different, no work is undertaken without a formal quote. We will meet with you on site for a ‘walk around’ and discussion around your requirements and expectations.

As a price guide, the majority of homes fall within the $500 to $1,500 range.

Quality Assurance

We use the right equipment with the right chemicals to ensure your assets get clean and stay clean longer.

Our experts know the right pressures to effectively clean your surfaces and avoid damage so easily caused by novices.

We have developed tried-and-true processes for the services we offer and follow a meticulous checklist to ensure the highest quality outcome for you.

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Mandurah Pressure Cleaning
Mandurah Pressure Cleaning
Mandurah Pressure Cleaning
Mandurah Pressure Cleaning